MAESP Priority Issues

The Missouri Association of Elementary School Principals (MAESP) represents elementary and middle level school principals in the state of Missouri. The following issues have emerged as priorities for MAESP and have been identified as priority areas for 2018-2019

1.       Assessments – MAESP believes any state-mandated assessments should be limited in time required, aligned to the Missouri Learning Standards and primarily used for determining gaps in district curriculum and instruction.  Results should only be considered a “snapshot” of student performance in each content area. Local district and school assessments should be the primary factor for determining district performance, school progress and student achievement. MAESP opposes the use of student performance data from the state assessment as a significant factor for determining teacher or principal effectiveness.

2.       Funding - MAESP supports full funding of the Missouri Foundation Formula and restoring or increasing funding for categoricals including transportation, the public placement fund, Parents As Teachers, early childhood education, professional development, etc., that have been reduced in recent years. MAESP continues to oppose unfunded federal and state mandates and any legislation that would divert revenue from traditional public schools to non-public educational entities.

3.       High Quality Teacher Shortage - MAESP is concerned about the real shortage of high-quality teachers across the state. Teacher salaries must be improved to attract the best and the brightest into the field of education. MAESP opposes legislation that would:

a.       limit local control over teaching and learning;

b.       increase the emphasis and influence of high-stakes standardized testing;

c.       reduce or eliminate current retirement benefits and incentives; or

d.       regulate the profession in ways that would discourage the best and brightest from entering the profession.

4.       Bullying/Harassment – MAESP supports legislation that would clarify the definition of bullying and revise the Missouri statute regarding reporting of harassment to law enforcement.

5.       Mental Health and Trauma – MAESP is concerned about the increasing number of students impacted by childhood and family trauma and the increased needs of students with mental health issues. MAESP supports legislation that:

a.       facilitates flexible and collaborative partnerships between federal, state and local agencies, private providers, and schools to meet students and families social and emotional needs;

b.      allows for blended funding and flexible use of all resources to support effective school and community programs and interventions.

Approved 12/10/18

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